performace, 2017

A series of wooden platforms with geometric shapes are combined on the ground forming different compositions. The forms of the platforms are based on the notation system for dance created by Rudolf von Laban and each one corresponds to a different quality of movement. Four performers developed a series of improvisation exercises on the platforms following the guidelines assigned to each of the pieces. The relationship between performers and the forms on the floor evokes the dynamics of a board game. The performance was filmed inside the Bauhaus building in Dessau - Germany.

Performers: Alex Carrillo, Orlando Rodríguez and Verónica Santiago Moniello.

Film stills:

Installation view. “Margen de juego” Rosa Santos Gallery, Valencia - ES. 2017

Special thanks for this project to Nibia Pastrana, Alejandra Martorell, Karen Langevin, Nicole Soto Rodríguez, Sofia Gallisá, Pablo Guardiola, Noelia Medina Fernández and Beta Local.